we were joined at the hip for near enough four years. in school it was like i never done anything without you by my side.

i wish that i could have told you how much you made an impact on my life. how fucking proud i am because we have all had our struggles and you made it through yours and made something out of your life.

i wish i had told you that although we didn’t talk anymore i still thought about you. about our memories. i still checked up to see how you were doing. i cheered you on from the sidelines, moral supporting your pictures and being happy that your life had turned out so well.

that life that has now been taken away leaving me feeling unbelievably numb that i have lost a part of my past.
i have lost any time in the future where we would have picked up where we left off.

you seemed to know when something was up with me and you always said the right things to make some of the pain go away. i will never forget how mad i was when you and eilidh went to mr bruce about my self harming because i was so adamant i could do it myself. but that was my first ever step on my road to recovery and i am so thankful to have known you because you were both looking out for me.

you were one hell of a girl. no matter what you went through you always had a smile on your face. you always found time for other people. and when i was really struggling you put me before yourself.

i don’t know if the world will ever feel normal knowing that you’re not in it anymore. knowing i’ll never get to see your face again and i’ll never get to hug you and laugh about all our memories. it is so unfair that you have been ripped from the people who cared about you most. you were cared for and loved and you touched so many lives. i wish it made knowing you’re gone easier. but it doesn’t.

you should still be here. you should still be going on with your every day life. you should be partying at the weekend and living your life during the week.

i will never forget you, my husband, my partner in crime, the gunter to my tinka. i love you, i always have and i will never stop.

thank you for existing in a time that i got to know you, i can’t imagine what my life would have been like if i never met you.


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