i remember when you told me
that i was so beautiful
that i had galaxies under my skin
and the light of stars in my eyes.

but when we look up at the nights sky
we are looking into the past
most of those stars are already dead.
just like my eyes look
and how under my skin feels.

i guess i’ve already burnt out.


temporary people 

temporary people 

sometimes i need to realise,
i am more than the people who left me,
i deserve more than that.

i am not defined by those who don’t stay,
i am defined by me,
and even sometimes that’s not as great.
my mind is a mess,
i am a mess.

but i would rather be a mess with people who care about me,
than a mess with people who are just going to easily give up.

i know when i am down i am not an easy person to be around,
but i can be good too,
i can shine brighter than any star in the sky,
and those who left are missing out on that.

i am better than that,
i am better than temporary people.



i want to die
but do i?

i’m so sick of this pain
this anxiety
the voices in my head
the loneliness

i say i want to die
but i just want this to end
i just want this to all stop
but still exist

how do you explain that?
i’m doing something good,
i’m going to be a nurse and
i can’t do that if in dead

but how else can i make this stop?