I want to be strong and unfeeling,
i want to deny that when I hear your name my blood does not boil,
I can’t wait until my skin cells die and it will be like you never touched me

you were someone who was meant to complete me
but you made me realise a valuable thing of this year;

I need to fill my empty spaces myself and try and not find others to fill them

there have been many lessons I have learned this year
I wish I could deal with things better
I wish I didn’t crack and shatter every time something goes a tiny bit wrong
you lose people and you gain people
that’s life and I need to be at peace with that

nothing ever runs smoothly
life is a serious of ups and downs,
twists and turns
I feel myself becoming unhinged from my track sometimes,
I know I am on the right path,
just now though it is a very tedious one.


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