since when did people think they could walk about judging everything when it has absolutely nothing to do with them? you don’t like someone’s make up? well good job you’re not wearing it! you don’t like someone’s clothes? well good job you didn’t pay for them! you don’t like how many people someone has slept with? good for you, that’s not your place to judge. 

i’m so sick of people thinking they can dictate what others do when quite frankly it is none of their business. be a little more considerate for how those people who feel they look 10/10 and you’re throwing you judgements out there and putting them down. 

that’s not your place. it never will be your place. as far as i’m concerned who i talk to, what i do, who i see, what i wear, the way my make up is done, however many people i’ve slept with it doesn’t fucking concern you. it’s my life and i’ll live it however i want without your judgement. 


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