i told myself that maybe i could get over things, maybe you were the person you told me you were. maybe you were different. but the trust i worked so hard to build up was gone within a matter of seconds, thats what seems to happen when you think its okay to ask for naked photos of other girls whilst you’re in a relationship and claim its okay because ‘they’re lesbians and nothing would happen’.

you still asked. and in a way you still got something, just off of their friend. although you deny that, its in black and white. and of all the things you’ve not been one hundred percent honest about, i just dont know if i can believe you.

nearly two years of my life has been wasted. two years where i finally began to feel like i’d met the person that i might one day marry and start a future with. i believed you when you told me you had changed, you had grown up, you werent the way you used to be. i guess that was foolish, i guess i could have saved myself the heartbreak and misery.

i put my all into a relationship that was always going to be one-sided. i tried so fucking hard to make you want me, to make you see that i was right here and i would have done anything to make you happy. i didnt go out because i would rather see you, i would stop talking to people to help your ego. i did everything and it still wasnt enough. maybe i’ll never be enough.

you tried to tell me i broke you, but let me tell you something, you broke yourself. you gave up and you betrayed me. so no, don’t try to lay the blame on me. and in all honesty if 24 hours after we break up you can be on Tinder and begging for other girls attention over facebook you’re not ‘broken’ you just need someone to want you.

right now i would rather rip my heart out than get back with you. i dont want to speak to you and i dont want to see you because of the anger you’ve put inside of me. i think because of you i would rather be alone than have to go through the pain and upset of a relationship. so thank you for making my trust issues and self-esteem a lot worse than they already were.


i hope you find the girl of your dreams, since i guess that wasn’t me.


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