this is a mix of things of people who are in my life or who have been I guess

you were the one who was always there, who I tried my best to help and make happy. you were also the one who decided I wasn’t worthy of you. 

you were the one who taught me that no matter what happens you can always succeed. you dropped out of uni and yet you’re the best at what you do and I’m so happy that you’re a role model in my life.

you are far away. yet you are someone who puts up with me every single day and listens to my shit when I’m sad, happy, drunk, whatever. I appreciate you so much. 

you were the first person I had any real feelings for. yet you told me you wished I was never born and that was the end of that. 

you put up with my shit. I guess it could be said you just tolerate me but I love you with my whole being. you make me feel like I have some sort of purpose. 

you lied to me and you fucked me over. you are one of the biggest mistakes i could have made. yet being with you put me on the road to recovering. 

you were a coping mechanism. you were there when I needed you, then you weren’t. you made promises that you just broke. you knew so much yet treated me like a stranger. 

you called yourself my best friend. but in reality all you were was a bitch, I was just someone to fuel your conversations. yet I still hope that you are happy. 

you are one of the strongest women I know. you have been through so much and I’m so happy that you have managed to beat all of it. I can’t imagine ever losing you. I love you more than anything in the world. 


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