I know that I am not alone. but in my mind sometimes I still am.

I have someone who loves me and wants to be with me. should that not be enough to wipe this lonely feeling from within me?

I don’t mind having low maintenance friends who you don’t really speak to a lot but at the same time when you see each other nothing has changed. but it makes me feel maybe I’m just not important.life is so busy sometimes that I know people get lost in the haze. I wish maybe I wasn’t so easy to forget about. 

maybe I just need attention. not that I would do anything for it because I’ve been branded annoying too many times. 

I have people at college who seem like they are my friends. but when my last exam is over with I’ll probably never hear from them again. 

I know I have people who I can speak to but it never really fills the void. 

I guess I feel alone because I feel like everyone in someway is temporary. everyone gets bored of me. how can I make people stay? how can I make you want to be a part of my life? 

there are two people who I can think of in the past few years who have put up with me nearly every single day. I don’t want to fuck up. 

I guess one of my biggest fears is to be truly alone. right now I feel alone but I know I have people. maybe at some point I’ll just have myself, and then I will most likely go truly insane. 


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