I used to dread summer. at times I still do, I’m not good with heat and I have very fair skin so I burn easily. but the reason I used to hate it was the fact of having to cover up to hide scars.

last year was the first time where I felt confident enough to really go out and have my arms on show and not be afraid of what people though. at times I could still sense people staring and it made me feel slightly uneasy but I didn’t care. I knew that this was a big step for me. I was letting strangers see something about me that a year or two ago my family didn’t even know about. 

I hate when people stare because I know that inside they could be judging me or that they could be emphasizing because they have been through something similar. I know whenever I see someone with scars I don’t stare but it catches my eye and all I want to do is hug them. 


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