My role model has to be my dad.

As I was growing up things were hard with my dad not being around, however as I’ve grown older I’ve began to appreciate him a lot. Whenever I needed anything or just needed support I was never denied it. The same with my brother, when he found himself without a home my dad was there to put down a deposit on a flat and help him to pay the rent then also give him money each month after he was back on his feet. I know that me and my brother have had it very lucky as not many people who have the family who will be as supporting.

The past year and a half I have begun to appreciate what I have a lot more. When things were tough living at home with my mum my dad changed his work schedule to work around me going to college and also helping me to get a job. When my boyfriend wanted to come stay he would accommodate him and just in general makes him feel like part of the family.

It was today when he phoned me, like he does twice a week to ask how I am, that I realised he is someone I really aspire to be like. I know like everyone he has made mistakes, one being him cheating on my mum. Which I would say is unforgivable but I think of how my mum is sometimes that even I can’t put up with her. My dad as a job helps people to sort their finances, he has been doing this job for twenty years. He is now the director of a company and sitting an exam next month to make the company higher scale and could also go to earning around £85,000. I feel that this shows that if you keep working at something you really love and enjoy, as hard as it may be, you can achieve great things.

Another thing is that he dropped out of university to. I know that he is proud of me for me following my aspirations and going to uni. But I know also that if I dropped out and decided to get a full-time job doing something I was interested in he would be equally as proud. I have always been brought up being reminded that education is not everything and that you can only do your best. I have felt pressured by both my mum and dad and been more disappointed that I couldn’t make my dad proud if I had failed.

He is proud of me, he tells me he is, and I believe him. I am blessed to have the upbringing that I did and a father figure like him. I have one of the best role models because my life would probably be shaped a lot differently if it wasn’t for him.


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