day to day in my mind: the darkness

day to day in my mind: the darkness

living with the toxic mix of depression and anxiety is like stumbling in the darkness not quite able to find the switch to turn on the light.

I have been swallowed up by the world where I’m not quite sure what is going on anymore. some days can be okay, but never a full good day. and some days, at the moment most days, are not even worth waking up for.

there are days where I can’t seem to bring myself to get out of bed. the depression is there when I wake up like a dark cloud taking over my life. and then the anxiety kicks in. if I have uni it is the voice telling me that I’m stupid, I’m going to fail, I’m throwing everything away just for a day in bed.

I didn’t choose to have a mental illness. in a way it is a blessing and a curse. being the way that I am I have an insight into how it feels and the knowledge to help people. however there is the niggling thoughts that I can’t help myself so how am I going to help others?

right now, waking up every day is a struggle. I feel like I have someone constantly sitting on my chest (somedays and I wake up and its the cat but that imaginary weight is still there when he moves). everyday I am still breathing in and out and I intent to for a very long time.

I will get through this. I will not let this end me.


day to day in my mind: recap 

day to day in my mind: recap 

I’ve not posted because it’s been a busy few days. filled with good and not so good days.

I had a pretty bad end of the week and have been faced with some decisions that need a lot of thought. but right now I’m not sure how to tackle them and hoping for the best that I’ll pull through out if the other end and they will go away.

however, I also got to meet my little baby cousin. who is the most adorable human being I have ever encountered. it’s terrifying that a small person could make noises that make you think theyre choking and give me the fear that I would be doing something wrong.

it’s nice being able to spend time with family. talk openly about how you are feeling and have a support system that feels unbreakable. i decided that I would get my Halloween face on and make the most of my time. but anxiety hit me with there being loads of people around to the point when the fresh air hit me outside I didnt know if I could breathe it in properly.

I also had a lovely time seeing friends and celebrating my longest friends birthday. I think on Saturday night it is the most I’ve felt like myself in the past month. just spending time with some of the people that mean the most to me. 16 years is a long time to put up with someone so I’m blessed that I’ve been able to keep a friend that long given how difficult I know I can be.

I’m going to try and post every few days about challenges of living with a mental illness such as anxiety and depression. might not be daily but it’s still in the day to day in my mind series

day to day in my mind: day six (23/10/2018)

day to day in my mind: day six (23/10/2018)

something I struggle with is the numbness that depression can make you feel. it is like you’re alive but you’re not living youre just existing.

today I had a few episodes where I was just completely numb and not knowing what to do with myself. my body felt so heavy and the tiniest of things was the biggest task.

it’s hard when people ask me what they can do to help. because I know they care and all they want is for me to be better as much as I do. but I have learned that other people can’t fix you.

this isn’t a fairytale where someone clicks their fingers and you are cured. it is a long long journey that all I need from everyone around me is to hold my hand and tell me in the darkest times that it is all going to be okay.

I wish i knew the steps that those who want to help me could do. but this one’s on me. and i know one day I’ll get there. I’m not sure when but it will happen. and the biggest help right now is the support system I have, even if it feels to them they aren’t doing enough.

day to day in my mind: day five (22/10/2017)

day to day in my mind: day five (22/10/2017)

today I had a GOOD day!

the first time in the last two or three weeks that I have actually felt myself which is so relieving. I didn’t even do anything I was just blessed with today to be a good day.

taking time for yourself in the hustle and bustle of today’s world is something I need to constantly remind myself. take a break from work and just breathe.

today my mind fell quiet. not silent, but quiet. and I think I prefer it that way as silence is just as terrifying as the dark thoughts that are usually there.

I know that this might not last, there is the possibility that I wake up tomorrow and this feeling is gone. but for now I’m going to make the best of it.

day to day in my mind: day four (21/10/2017)

day to day in my mind: day four (21/10/2017)

today I had a bad day. today I woke up and I just felt weighed down by my anxiety.

at home, I wouldn’t say that when I got up the whole house was unbelievably messy but it was just a bit cluttered which stressed me out. I cleaned everywhere, hoovered almost every inch of flooring, took my curtains and washed them, did all the dishes.

it’s not just because I didn’t like how things looked. but I feel that if the environment I’m in is a bit tidier then so is my mind. I don’t want to be living with a cluttered brain and a cluttered house.

I wish anxiety was as people sometimes perceive it. being worried about a job interview or a first day at a new job.

instead it’s worrying every time I leave the house that something terrible is going to happen. it is analysing every single person I talk to and even the slightest change and worrying they are going to leave. it is not being able to phone for appointments because my hands are shaking so badly that I can’t manage to dial the numbers. I am tired all the time. no matter the amount of sleep I get, it’s not physically tired but emotionally drained.

living with anxiety can make the world feel like a very lonely place even if in my heart I know that i am not alone at all.

Day to day in my mind: day three (20/10/2017)

Day to day in my mind: day three (20/10/2017)

sleep is sometimes tricky for me, i could go some weeks with eight hours sleep. I’ve started to take over the counter medication such as nytol.

this helps me to be able to at least get eight hours a night instead of eight hours a week which means although functioning is difficult it is a bit easier when I’ve had sleep over night.

I’m not sure if right now taking these is the best for me as the other night I had a passive suicidal thought of “I could just take all of these and sleep forever” however through the past few years I have built up my resistance to these thoughts and managed to get about four hours of sleep.

these thoughts can be daunting and scary but I feel right now there is a part of me that knows I don’t necessarily want to die I just want the pain to stop. but I can’t do this without hurting those around me that I love. and with my desire to help people I couldn’t bring myself to tear apart so many lives.

right now I’m not in a good place, but I’m in a better place than I used to be and that’s recovery.

day to day in my mind: day two (19/10/2017)

day to day in my mind: day two (19/10/2017)

panic attacks to me feel like I’m drowning. I’m in a dark hole filled with water and I have no one to lend me a hand to get out. my chest tightens, my whole body shakes and I think at that point I have never been more scared.

this is how I felt this morning when I woke up and had a panic attack, not for any particular reason that was just how it happened. it makes me feel like there is something really wrong with me like I’m not the person I should be.

due to this I went back to sleep and missed my first class of the day for university. however I felt guilty about not going so forced myself to get up. carried out some self care, brushing my teeth, my hair, getting changed and putting on make up and my ‘happy face’ so I felt more like me.

everyone I have met through going to university are extremely supportive and understanding so when I sit down with them I don’t feel as alone in the world as I did in my bed. positive of the day.

I feel there is a lot of stress around trying to get through every day. but I take one step at a time and hopefully each step will bring me closer to the destination where I can smile and be proud.

today wasn’t a good day. but I tried, I got up and I went out and I did something. when in the past I would have hidden from the world. it is small things that keep my world turning every day. and every person I have around me for support makes that a little easier.